Station 5: Food Waste

Companies you need to know about:

No Waste

This app helps you keep track of the expiration dates of your food! Scan the barcode and save your grocery list in the app; it will remind you by which day and time it is best to consume food from your fridge, freezer, and even pastry cabinet.


Yummly is the best website/app for those in need of some delicious, fast, and easy recipes! If you do not know what to do with the ingredients in your fridge, just enter them in "Pantry Ready-Recipes" section in the app and enjoy the endless list of all kinds of meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Too good to go

With this app restaurants and stores have an opportunity to get rid of the surplus food without throwing it away, and to recoup sunk costs, boost store foot traffic, and help the planet. You just list your surplus food on the app as a Surprise Bag and then customer will pre-pay for the Bag on the app and will pick it up later.


Orbisk is a startup that helps restaurants and professional kitchens get a grip of their food waste. Via computer vision and AI, a special camera on top of the trash bin scans, measures and records all food that is being thrown away up to an ingredient level.